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Thursday, 5 April 2012


So, I'm making a bit of a chapbook of poems I like. I thought for people whose hands I can't thrust it into, I should make a blog post with a link to all the poems, and keep it updated. The former task is easy, the latter harder. Thanks to Saira for inspiring me to collect poems (and starting the collection), Craig for making me decide to go ahead with it, and Hel for wanting to see them!

Added 5th April 2012
Ellen Bass: The Thing Is...
Vikram Seth: Sit
Adrienne Rich: For The Dead
Stephen Dunn: Sweetness
Harriet Brown: Shell
Dorothea Grossman: It Is Not So Much That I Miss You
Anton Korteweg: Upon Request
Tom C Hunley: Intercourse
Alfred, Lord Tennyson: Crossing the Bar
Roz Kaveney: The Poet on her Young Comrades
T.E. Lawrence: To S.A
Jack Gilbert: Failing and Flying
Gary Margolis: Did You Bring Me Anything? (mild sexual assault triggers)
Matthew Dickman: Ghost Story (sexual assault triggers)
Dorianne Laux: Antilamentation
Charles Bukowski: For Jane
Karla Huston: Niagara Falls Jumper Explains (suicide triggers)
Tony Hoagland: One Season

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