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Thursday, 10 May 2012

List of Poems

I thought I'd repost the list of poems so far in my chapbook and the list of poems I've got to copy in sooner rather than later.

To add:
Dick Gaughan: What You Do With What You've Got
Wordsworth: Lines written near Richmond, upon the Thames, at Evening
Mark Doty: Tiara
Pablo Neruda: Sonnet XCIV
Kevin Gonzáles: 1999
Charles Bukowski: Cause and Effect
Ciaran Carson: The Tag
Louise Gluck: Snowdrops
Nicole Blackman: Christian's Calling
Robert Hershon: Superbly Situated
Andrew Hudgins: Summer of '09
Mary Fry: Do not stand at my grave and weep
Jack Gilbert: The forgotten dialect of the heart
Todd Davies: Tattoo
Jon Sands: A working list of things I will never tell you
Bertold Brecht: The interrogation of the good

Added 5th April 2012
Ellen Bass: The Thing Is...
Vikram Seth: Sit
Adrienne Rich: For The Dead
Stephen Dunn: Sweetness
Harriet Brown: Shell
Dorothea Grossman: It Is Not So Much That I Miss You
Anton Korteweg: Upon Request
Tom C Hunley: Intercourse
Alfred, Lord Tennyson: Crossing the Bar
Roz Kaveney: The Poet on her Young Comrades
T.E. Lawrence: To S.A
Jack Gilbert: Failing and Flying
Gary Margolis: Did You Bring Me Anything? (mild sexual assault triggers)
Matthew Dickman: Ghost Story (sexual assault triggers)
Dorianne Laux: Antilamentation
Charles Bukowski: For Jane
Karla Huston: Niagara Falls Jumper Explains (suicide triggers)
Tony Hoagland: One Season

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