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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The miners stop the protests to build a footbridge in the beech forest of Leon

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The miners have now moved away from the common roadblocks to instead work together to construct a footbridge in the beech forest near Ciñera (Leon), which in 2007 was given an award by the Ministry of Environment, and is now an area which has recently been hit by violent protests.

About sixty miners are participating in this initiative from the neighbourhood council and it has local funding from the Ministry of Environment and Biodiversity Foundation, as was reported by the Mayor of the municipality to which Ciñera belongs, Francisco Castanon (PP).

The purpose of this footbridge is to prevent too many visitors to the forest damaging the litter on the forest floor, essential to keep the moisture from the trees, at a time when Castanon has indicated that the environment is going through a period of "ecological risk".

The beech forest of Ciñera has a fairy tale beauty, joining the trees and shrubs of the Mediterranean forest with those of the Atlantic forest, and has lasted for 500 years, in an environment that in recent weeks has experienced the most violent demonstrations of the province.

With this initiative, the Miners (MINEROS.CO) have collaborated on a new friendly form of protest and solidarity. In order to change public opinion they are doing things differently, to raise awareness and sensitize people to the serious problem that the province has. This is as a result of the injustice of having a minister who is unable to negotiate, they say, referring to the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria.

Castanon trusts that tomorrow the miners will 'protest' in the same way and has shown interest in instead "giving all the attention" to the miners walking to Madrid, whose arrival is expected the day after tomorrow, and to those who have now spent fifty days occupying the coal pit of Santa Cruz del Sil, in El Bierzo (León).

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